The Solution Designer’s Bag

Business Essentials

As a solution designer I spend a substantial portion of my workday in meetings, Travelling between buildings within the company’s campus. With the focus on delivering presentation and taking notes my basics must be versatile and portable enough to carry on my person.

The Basics

Macbook Pro Retina 13 Inch

A late 2014 version, this laptop has served me well, its by far the tool I use the most everyday. An elegant work horse that I use no less than 12 hours everyday and my constant companion to meetings.

Samsung Note 4

A phablet that has a really great camera, extended battery life that can last for days (on ultra power-saving mode) and my second most used implement, at first I thought I’d never use the stylus but now I can’t live without it.


ThunderPort to VGA Convertor


Samsung OTG Cable

It turns your phone into a portable hard disk, that doesn’t even require a computer to transfer data to pen drives.

MMC Convertor + 8GB Memory Card

Fastest way to move data from your laptop to&from your phone.


Red Moleskin

A necessity in meetings, I’m yet to find a better way to take meeting minutes than my trust worthy red moleskin. Given how popular it is within my circles I always go for interesting colours to make sure I can easy recognise mine.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – Fine Nib

My favourite on the road fountain pen, cheap enough to forget in a meeting room it is one of the smoothest fountain Pens I’ve ever used, I usually top it up with a purple coloured ink.

Cross Tech3 – MultiFunction Pen

The most versatile writing implement I’ve ever used, 2 colours of ink, a pencil and an eraser. Some models even come with a built in stylus you can use on smart phones. It looks stylish yet it is as tough as a nail (I’ve dropped it under my car and drove over it once).

Purple Uni-ball (EYE) fine.

Because people tend to borrow pens, thats why.


Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

Its a swiss knife, I find myself using it on daily basis.

Binder Clip

This is a life saver, it can work as a temp belt, hold papers together, work as a temp clothes hanger. A binder clip use cases is only limited by imagination and creativity.

Halls Xs

No one likes bad breath.


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