USSD API on Android

I’m currently trying to build a small widget that shows you several statistics about your cell phone usage, this would require using USSD codes and catching their responses. I scoured the internet for a solution however wasn’t able to reach one.

The only available solution which is mainly a hack relied on catching the logcat entry and displaying it, unfortunately this was fixed in subsequent versions of android and now USSD response doesn’t appear in the logcat.

There is even a Facebook page created just to request this feature from google…anyway if anybody manages to find a way to handle USSD responses please do share.



It is now possible to read the USSDs using the accessibility services, the downside is how indirect this method is and how the app should be manually enabled as an accessibility app in the device setting.


7 thoughts on “USSD API on Android

    • Dear Noor,

      unfortunately there isnt any solutions for that issue, however being in telecom i can tell you that there is a direction to avail APIs developers can use to inquire such information without having to go through USSD/SMS.

      What are you trying to implement perhaps i can help you


  1. Thank you for your reply,

    In fact I’ve developed a USSD-Based service and I wanted to make an app that request this service offline (i.e via USSD call).
    I’ve succeeded to make the call using the call API from Android but I wanted to control the results by myself not just depending on the Toast Message shown on the screen.

  2. Hello Sir,

    I was trying to search for how to retrieve the balance deducted using USSD code.
    But it seems it is not possible as for now.
    Is there any other way to do that?

    Thankyou πŸ™‚

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