Chrome New Immersive UI

I was reading through a certain XDA thread when google chrome suddenly terminated, rebooting it I was hardly able to recognize the machine i was on. seems like Google just launched a new immersive version of chrome, thus turning any of the machines it run on into a seamless host to chrome. I have to say that this such a well played move by Google to break into the OS market, already I spend most of my time within chrome, the only reminder that I’m on windows usually is the system clock and (on some machine) the start menu orb. Google just replaced both with their own stuff. Also did you notice how dim the minimize/close buttons on the upper right are.


Thats how chrome launches


The simple brilliance of this move is that it keeps all the google apps right in the focal center where the start menu used to be, the paradigm users were trained to use. When you want to access your programs you hit the start menu, now they own that start menu and can shape in which ever form they want. The best thing about this move is how they now insulate the customer from the underlying OS, Linux/Windows/MacOS they’d all look the same once you boot up chrome and soon enough the logical next step would be moving to a cheaper lighter easier to maintain chrome book. Even when you minimize the page you are viewing you are still left in that insulating layer of chrome.

Even when you minimize you are still in chrome

Even when you minimize you are still in chrome

Let us see how the world is going to react to this, I’m also confident Pando daily is going to publish something about the innate security/privacy issues this new update introduces so I’m not going to duel on that in this post. Tell me what you think about the new updated interface in the comments.



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