Uber Jeddah

Seems like Uber just landed in Jeddah, after their trial run in Riyadh. Now you can use it in Jeddah as well. Really smart move as I believe Uber perfectly fills a certain market gap they have in Jeddah. It all comes down to – as usual – finding sufficient number of drivers to cope with the market demand.


The saudi market is quite ready for Uber due to saudis aversion towards standard Taxis, generally speaking it is socially frowned upon to be seen in a taxi. Also women aren’t allowed to drive around town hence they have to rely on undependable limousine drivers. Uber with their unmarked highend cars and well trained drivers provide a long sought after alternative. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got completely inundated in requests within the first week of their launch.

it is no surprise that they chose to use a female model in the email ad they sent, after all I recon women are going to be their main target customer.

The main challenge though is finding legal dependable drivers, due to the new Saudi visa regulations finding such drivers would be a hard nut to crack. Let us see how they are going to handle that challenge.

Overall i’m excited and definitely using them on my next visit to jeddah.


**here is an update**

Seems like Uber is expanding to egypt, just spotted a couple of vacancy spots on uber careers in Egypt, lets see how its going to fair in the Cairo Traffic Challenge.


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