Running yourself as a startup

Seth Godin is a marketing guru, He is basically reinventing and redefining basic concepts we’ve been taking for granted over the last 80s years. He is preaching this new paradigm in which companies are run from the bottom up, the bottom up economy as he calls it, how the concept of employees being run by a boss is no longer suitable for the age we are living in now, that it only worked in the industrial age when people had the luxury of riding the career escalator, what we are living in now is a relations age.

I believe in running myself as a small start up, with a really active marketing and sales departments. Hence a passion of mine is reading marketing books and that’s how I started formalizing certain ideas based on his new paradigm.

  • Reflect credit but embrace blame.
  • Ask for forgiveness dont ask for permission.
  • We are in the connections age, not the industrial age.
  • You get paid to attend meetings and deliver on time, what you do other than that should be your passion.
  • You can succeed, but you’d better matter than succeed.
  • If your employer can tell you exactly what to do everyday, then they can replace you with someone cheaper.
  • Lay the tracks dont follow them.
  • Demand responsibility and dont worry about authority.
  • And at the end of the day your boss is your main customer.

Another really interesting book on the same topic is “the startup of you” written by one of the people behind linkedin and based on linkedin analytics.


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