Italian Engineering (Coffee Machines)

Italian engineering may not be the most popular but its definitively the most attractive. Somehow Italian engineers manage to infuse their products with this innate sexiness not present in the more efficient, cheaper american/Chinese counterparts. Recently I came across these machines built by Illy the renowned coffee packing company which resulted in this post.

It comes in 10 different colors, including 2 shades of blue

Nespresso machine can’t hold a candle against this design. The red firetruck red plating and the sexy swooping curves make it more of an art piece than a kitchen appliance. The way they are using classic toggle switches and an analog gauge gives it this retro look, even the screw heads they left exposed and even polished to highlight. In a way this is the exact opposite of Chinese made plastic mass produced appliances.

Even when they go for a more modern interface, they went for lush rubber covered buttons rather than touch sensors that are notorious to fail in the kitchen. The on/off switch looks like the ignition button in an expensive Ferrari the way it clicks for a second, lights up and then slowly returns into position can’t even be compared to what you’d find in Nespresso machines.

Nespresso top of the line machine, with the milk frothing extension

Coffee is a luxury item and should always be treated as such, mass production attempts to bring coffee to the masses, be it instant coffee or cheaply made steam pressure operated espresso machines yields a completely different product. Furthermore the process of making your own coffee using a decent machine is an integral part of the coffee e enjoyment process. When it comes to luxury items my person preferences are always Italian made.

I’m going to write another entry soon about coffee and the different types of beans and how each of them works in an espresso machine, last week I spent around 40 minutes in a coffee place exploring the various coffee beans they are selling and their various roasts.


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