Agendat the Android Game


I’m almost done building my first Android game Agendat (agendas), A game based on the events Egypt has been going through since the revolution. Agendat is divided into chapters representing the phases of the Egyptian revolution. With major revolution themes/memes scattered through game play. Agendat which means Agendas alludes to the term used by the late chief spy Omar Suliman when he referred to the protesters describing them as people with ulterior agendas.

A Fun, silly game about Egypt and the revolution.

Generally the game is a tongue in cheek representation of the revolution and shouldn’t be taken seriously, the main target here is for the game to be fun rather than an accurate depiction of the revolution, and as usually its intended to be absolutely free.

Chapter 1: Infilat Amny (Police Disappearance)

Chapter 2: Ta7arosh Gama3y (Sexual Harassment)

We currently have around 6 chapters ready, but only 2 of them are intended to be playable when we publish the game.

All the graphics in this game was provided by my partner S Graphic Design, who are about the fastest person you can get to design game components for you.

S Graphic Design


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