Facebook does it again

Facebook is notoriously known for their hacker like attitude. Ever since they started they’ve been using certain ethically questionable techniques whenever they released a new feature to their existing customers, usually opting everybody in and calling for people to opt out when if they wanted to.

Seemingly innocent, grossly misleading.

Just the other day I was going through my timeline when I spotted this banner on top asking me if I wanted to try “Better Photo Sharing”. Digging around I found out that this seemingly innocent question has a lot to it than what anybody can deduct from reading the banner. Facebook has launched a photo-stream like service, allowing their users to upload every single photo they take to Facebook – privately of course – thus turning Facebook to a cloud storage for your photos. Quite similar to apple’s photo-stream, even Dropbox has a similar feature. The main difference though is that neither Dropbox nor Apple mine your photos for data they can use to sell better ads, also they don’t have the facial recognition Facebook now has. You know how you take 10 photos only to delete 9 of them, well facebook would know have all 10 photos, and given how their user agreement is they actually OWN them.

Had I pressed the “try now” button FB would have had a full access to every single photo I have on my phone. Uploaded them all to their servers, and then started the process of auto-tagging them. Personally I’d not feel comfortable knowing that FB has all my photos (including these super awkward ones) stored on some server somewhere. Unless you are ok with that don’t press that “Try it now” button.



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