Twitter Now Offering Photo Filters (and in the process following on FBs footsteps)

Twitter has been reinventing itself over the last year. In the process of finding new possible revenue stream it’s becoming more similar to facebook than ever (which is becoming more similar to my space, but thats another story).  People initially went for Twitter since it was not as cluttered as Facebook, it was simpler with the focus on thoughts rather than media. Ages ago, twitter didn’t even support media’s as simple as photos, triggering the rise of third party tools such as and its likes. Twitter included that feature around a year ago, and now it has partnered with aviary to provide instagram like filters to its users.

Personally I’ve always preferred twitter, Facebook bombards the user with media, photos, ads and videos. Twitter on the other hand used to offer what can be called the conscious stream of society. FB tried to include that feature with subscriptions, which didn’t work that well, now twitter is trying to become more and more like FB. Instagram was purchased by FB and so they went for aviary themselves. I believe the main turning point was FB’s IPO, twitter realized how much money FB was able to generate through that and decided to ditch its vision for that of FBs, thus alienating the core twitter user base. Also I’m sure that the powers that be in twitter realized that most of the photos on twitter are instagrammed with twitter becoming the channel rather than the application.

The question now is whether they are going to introduce twitter chat next…


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