E-Teb Review

E-Teb is one of these solutions that look great on paper, potential instant success even, but then again it never makes it. The concept is a website that works as a centralized registry for medical records, allowing Labs and Doctors to have a shared access to the users medical profiles updating it and being able to share the data in real-time. The concept is sound on paper, however as many other concepts it’d never make it in real life for many different reasons it was bound to fail from day one, especially given how the solution was implemented.

The good thing is they have a decent introductory video that I believe is essential for any startup.


There are two type of users for that website as far as I can tell, Patients and Health care providers (Labs/Doctors), neither would feel comfortable using such a website, and here is why

Medical Records are one of these things most people would think several times before sharing, especially with a random website unaffiliated with any major entity you have learned to trust or can possibly sue if they mishandled or shared your records. Personally I’d never share my medical records except with my medical insurance company and only because I have to.

On the other hand most doctors either dont know how to use technology or just don’t care enough to, and most of them don’t even have a computer in their practices, usually they rely on half educated assistant to take apointments and track them using 1930s record keeping technologies, they wouldn’t even use a proper CRM solution. Using a collaborative real-time medical records solution is out of the question of course.

Labs are more technically advanced, most have CRMs solution (they have to considering the amount of records they have to deal with), but since they already have their own solution that they invested in building/maintaining/training the employees on, they wouldn’t like to use a different solution for lab results delivery. Furthermore most of them have ISO like certificate which mandates the usage of certain class of software, e-teb definitely doesn’t belong to that class.


The design in general has that amateurish look. A 1997 home made website look and feel is what came in mind while registering. No ajax, JQuery or any of the things we take for granted. The forms still retain the default color scheme used by the development environment (what must be .net studio). You can easily tell that they didn’t hire a designer and relied on best efforts to build the website. This could have been accepted if the concept was sound, however it doesn’t help the user develop the trust needed to pass on sensitive information such as his medical records, as a matter of fact I felt reluctant sharing my standard password with the website, instead I used random temp one.

This is the user as E-Teb sees him

As I registered, I was promptly told that my email has already registered before…few minutes later I received the confirmation email. I confirmed my subscription and logged in, and instantly I could tell from the account ID that I’m the 36th user that registers in that site an unsettling fact that i didn’t need to know and they could have easily fixed by adding some prefix to the number to throw users or competitors even from knowing the current user base.

Going through the website, its nothing more than a platform for sharing documents, no added value of any kind, as a matter of fact, Google docs can do the same task much more efficiently, It uses plain http rather than https, which means that my documents would be uploaded in plain text which isn’t reassuring at all. The data representation simply lacks too many things to mention here, if I haven’t seen the video i’d not have been able to tell what this site does in the first place.

The concept is still sound however they need a complete revamp, as in they need to start from scratch building a new website that looks trust worthy, trying to be sponsored by some major brand name and trying to find incentives to get doctors using their website, left as is this website has no chance of making it.


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