Entrepreneurs in Egypt and why I think they are lucky

I believe Egyptian Entrepreneurs are lucky. Even with the lack of Serious Venture Capital investors in Egypt, Products can be built at a fraction of the money they’d cost anywhere else in the world. Despite what everybody thinks I believe Egypt is going to make it big in tech innovation.

Usually when someone gets that killer idea,  and after building his business plan, he needs to find people who’d invest in that fresh new idea in order for him to pay the suppliers and turn it into a product. Suppliers such as developers/designers/animators usually cost a lot of money, Money that can only provided by VCs/Angel Investors. The advantage Egyptian Entrepreneurs have is the availability and price range of skillful developers in Egypt, actually not just Developers, almost everything is quite cheaper here in Egypt. Having cheap skillful employees is the main reason why Egypt became one of the main technical outsourcing destinations in the world, All of these companies though are in Cairo which means you are left with many developers/assets all over Egypt who have one of two options, either move to Cairo or find a different line of business. Capitalizing none Cairian developers products can be built at a fraction of the price they’d anywhere else in the world, and that applies on any other needed skill set.

From my experience its easy to self fund if you had access to the right resources and were able to keep them in line and keeping their work at a certain level of quality, and that’s why I think that Egyptian entrepreneurs are quite lucky.


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