Grateful And Egyptian

A year has passed since the even that our generation is going to be remembered for, exactly one year since a bunch of people decided to turn the negative feelings they had towards the situation in Egypt to a positive act, an act that inspired the rest of Egypt to follow suite thus revolting against the stale negative situation Egypt has settled in. 18 days were all that took to recharge the Egyptians…everything tasted sweeter even the polluted air smelled better back then, each and every single person was inspired in his or her own way. I can’t even count the number of people I know who started their own business or started producing art of some form, Even the most negative person ever started blogging/tweeting/posting notes about the situation which is on its own a positive act regardless to the fact that its motivated by negativity.

Arabic regained its status as the first language among Egyptians, I couldn’t help but smile as more and more of my friends discovered what an alt+shift can do, and what these arabic letters printed on their keyboard actually did, slowly and over that last year, franco arab started taking a back seat to properly written arabic, a small token yet it stands for so much, language is identity and our identity was being gradually phased out as people just gave up on Arabic. In marketing terms, our brand value was being restored, Egypt became a buzz word again, and you could tell people felt different when they stated that they were egyptian, the tone the word was said in it became different; After all Egypt for a couple of months at least stopped being associated with pyramids and shaggy looking beggars trying to scam you out of any money they can squeeze out of you, instead and for a brief period of time it became associated with pride, political awareness and amazing people who can express themselves on new media..Egypt resurfaced from deep within the septic tank it was locked in.

I don’t care about the current situation or if you classify it as good or bad; I trust my fellow Egyptians, now that they know they can think, create, and influence the world around them with their attitude, I know that there is no way to go back to where we’ve been. Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing, and that’s what the ex-regime did its best to do, convince us that nothing we can do will change reality keeping us hopeless and helpless making us easy to rule…this has changed. Not to mention how people now EVERYONE, is talking about egypt and politics, most don’t know what they are talking about but are quickly learning…things has changed, and for the first time in my life I’m glad for the passport I have and the era I was born in.


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