Uploading RPD file Failure 11g (Failed to Upload repository)

One of the new features of OBI 11g is the fact that you get to have a central control on all the configuration files (Weblogic EM), Making uploading a new RPD file a much easier task (theoretically at least), basically you log into the EM, go to the deployment tab, pick the repository sub tab upload the file and restart (using a button that appears then), and thats it (http://varanasisaichand.blogspot.com/2011/03/deploying-rpd-and-catalog-using.html). Theoretically its looks simple and even fun to do, however my experience with it today is far from that.

As I uploaded my RPD (ver 11.1.5), the one I had already tested offline I received an error message stating (Failed to Upload repository), the logs had nothing to say. Calling my more experienced colleagues the only piece of advice they had was to check /tmp as sometimes the file gets updated with incorrect access configuration and that would induce such a message, however my file didn’t seam to make it that far. Opened a ticket with support and provided them with all but so far they seem to be just as stuck as I’m.

*** update ***

As it turns out the reason for failure was that our network engineers have set up some kind of URL remapping, to hide the port and various junk you’d normally see in the URL (URL Rewrites), and for some reason it didn’t work in all cases, when i used the full port http://host:port/console, it worked.


****update 2 ****

same issue happened again however the solution was to use WLST and load using mbean



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