New Android App

I’m currently looking for a fresh idea for a new Mobile Application, looking for inspiration I went over the regional top downloaded apps list only to realize that most of the locally produced applications provided little to nothing for its user; As a matter of fact most of these apps exploited the prevalent ignorance, superstition and obsession with all things sexual. It seamed like that the apps that got downloaded were almost always under one of the following category Religion / Magic/ Astrology/ Jokes-Humor. In other words, applications that do little to nothing, Of course I have nothing against Religion based apps but from the developers point of view, these apps require little effort to build and provide little more than a website would. Mobile application development is all about using the various tools that aren’t accessible to website, tools such as GPS/GSM/touch screen. Going through these apps I could tell that they were either developed by lazy developers or exploiters who relied on a sales pitch similar to infomercials pushing snake oil treatment (or al laseka al sehria).

For a second I considered building such apps, if I wanted to make it big I can just build a sexual application that uses astrology and magic; 10k downloads in one week. Most local developers do that so why don’t I just follow suite. The answer is I’d never do this…the reason that motivates me into building mobile applications is the ability to touch people, slightly improving their lives. Since I charge nothing for my apps, the number of downloads indicates nothing but the number of people I influenced through my applications; Building a useless application that exploits and promotes ignorance would be a negative influence that would only make me feel bad about myself.



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