Mersal GeoEncryption

There are three classic ways of authentication:

  • what you know (Passwords).
  • what you have (Smart Cards/Tokens).
  • what you are (Biometrics).

These same methods are used to Encrypt/Decrypt text, with the recent improvements in portable computing (smart phones) and all the additional options they include such as GPS/Camera/GSM Radios; New authentication methods appear to be more possible than ever. I decided to build an application that builds on that, a proof of concept if you will that there are new horizons to explore and so I decided to build Mersal GeoEncryption, Mersal (which means messenger) encrypts any text using DES, the encrypted message includes a header that states where this message can be read. Unless the recipient is at that place the message stays encrypted. Fresh concept and I haven’t seen it implemented anywhere else before. The fact that I cant think of a situation where I’d need it is not of an essence here since my target is to prove the concept rather than to build a popular application.

I was actually surprised that it took me more time than I expected to build it partially because I never used the Google maps API before and the fact that I want it to show case that new concept without being too complicated to use, all the inner workings of the system should be hidden yet the user should be aware of their existence.

The application was released to the market people are downloading it, I’m still waiting for comments about and generally what people think about that.



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