Wamda Magazine

Guess who got interviewed by Wamda Magazine (An Arab Entrepreneurs website)…Me, I received an email from Nina stating that she’d like to talk with me about my newest mobile app (byt2ebed 3alia) I emailed her my contact info and minutes later she called me and for around 40 minutes we talked about the application my motivations to build it and how it works also she went into details about the whole publishing process and the issues I had to go through to get my applications published. To my surprise the article was published on the same day (which means Nina is a really fast journalist) and bam there it was an article about me in one of the leading Arab Entrepreneurial sites.

It feels good knowing that your work is being appreciated and recognized, not to mention the impact of that on the download rate was nothing short of impressive, suddenly the number of downloads spiked on both the android and BB versions which feels even better. I told Nina about that other product I’m developing (will tell you about it later) and she sounded really interested and said that i should contact her once that product is live, which is exactly what I’m going to do, once the web developers are done with building its problematic front end of course.

Not long after that several other magazines picked up the subject published it spinned it off and republished it again, so now whenever I search for my application I find several articles talking about it…I’m really excited and happy, and unfortunately for my friends, I can’t stop talking about this experience.


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