I’m Getting Arrested BB Application

Perhaps its a bit too late for this application still better late than never, during the arab spring people were getting picked up from demonstrations, some weren’t even able to notify their families or friends in order for them to start taking actions to release them. I decided to build a BlackBerry application that helps in telling people that care about you that you are getting arrested. I chose blackberry as a platform since BB is the main platform used by most activists, and I chose Java ME to build that application since it can easily be ported to run on any Java enabled phones as well (Nokia).

Mainly the first time the user boots up the application, he is  required to configure an SMS distribution list, an email distribution list, and a custom “I’m arrested” message. After that the user will be led to the application main screen, two buttons “I’m being arrested” and “Arm”, when the “I’m being arrested” button is pressed, a confirmation box appears, if pressed, the custom message (along with the current location) is sent to your sms/email distribution lists, pressing the “Arm” button activates the “Armed” mode.

The Armed mode is to be used when the user is approaching a particularly dangerous situation and getting arrested is possible. In this mode the application counts down to 0 (the countdown can be configured, 20 minutes is the default), when zero is reached, the blackberry vibrates and alerts the user that the message is about to be fired, and he is required to insert a code to disable it, if not, the messages go out (again along with the current location).

Although an unmarketable application, I think there is a niche of people who would want to have this application on their phones…not to mention its a perfect application for me to get introduced to java bb application development.


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