Securing Your On-line Presence

Most of my browsing these days is done through my iPhone, choosing it over using my laptop for its convenience and ease of use, not to mention how I can secretly read articles while stuck in one of those boring meetings/conversations. And usually when I find an available hotspot I use it, my company in a calculated gesture decided to enable a special wifi network for iDevices (which is much much faster than 3G), the only catch is that you have to log in with your corporate ID and I have this semi confirmed suspicion it logs all my online activities. By the way earlier this year I learned that even the online activity done through 3G is 1 email away from being retrieved and made public.

Since I value my privacy I decided to find a way to secure my traffic, at first I built my own proxy on EC2, the problem though was that iPhone doesn’t have the option to configure a proxy (unless you jail break it of course), so instead I opted for the second best solution (anonymous VPN). Hot spot shield provided the best anonymous VPN along with an almost perfect tutorial on how to configure your iPhone to work with it. Once that was configured, I made sure that the VPN icon on my iPhone is always on, indicating that no one is listening in on my traffic.

I’m going to write few more entries like this about security and how to secure your on-line presence, be it your phone laptop or even your calls.


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