Makers Fair Africa

Their "final.jpg" Flier

I’m heading to Makers Fair Africa today to check out whatever marvels they’ve got, I’ve my expectations up but I’m sure it’ll be no where as good as the one held in SF, especially when it comes to the steam punk products, there is a general air of unprofessionally about it, which is both appealing and alarming, for instance the flier’s image on their site is called (final.jpg), also their site is hosted on a minimal wordpress deployment, which is ok however not what I’d expect from a “maker”

Anyway I’m heading there and hoping for the best.


Ok I’m back, it was just as unimpressive as I imagined, however it is a really good start, at least now there is a new generation of makers in Cairo who may some day several years from now hold a truly inspiring maker’s fair, for me the highlight of the fair was the arduino booth, were they had a table full of arduino uno and another full of lily pads, both were manned by an interesting Iraqi/American passionate character who knows his way around arduino, most of the people there had no idea about arduino or how it works so most of the questions and the presentation was really basic, a bit too basic even for me.


Same booth had another interesting character who was helping people build this mischievous device that turns TVs off, mainly an IR diode and a chip that has all the turn off codes playing sequentially, you aim it a tv and it does all the magic on its own, interesting and fun.

Arduino Table

Other than that the fair was far from impressive, mainly full of really elementary stuff, no body was selling anything and it was void of steam punk things. Still I did enjoy my stay there and I plan to attend the next one held in Africa, also I’m now really keen on building something worth displaying in the next maker’s fair.


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