Pachube Monitoring/Reporting for Free

Owning your own cacti instance is a luxury not many enjoy, I happen to be one of them, and even though it brings me a lot of pleasure of seeing completely useless data plotted against time, operating and keeping it running is costly (since I have it hosted on Amazon EC2) not to mention the cheer effort of making sure the environment its hosted on is working as expected. solves that, it provides mainly a plotting service, you beam up your data and it gets represented on a chart, for a slightly OCD person like me this is a dream come true.

They have a several subscription plans, the free one has everything I need but is limited to 1 month of historical data also it is limited to around 500 readings per day, and a limited number of graphs, still thats more than I need for the purposes I have in mind for it.  An additional advantage that comes with that website is the presence of a Java API wrapper that can be used to interface with the service to insert entries to be plotted, the difference between that and cacti is the fact that its alot easier for passive readings, as in readings that aren’t triggered by cacti.

What I have in mind now is using this along with my arduino heat sensor to report on the temperature and humidity in my apartment, using a simple laptop with an internet connection to plot these values, I’m going to blog about that in a later entry.


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