Twitter Content Delivery Service (Twitter Marketeer)

Twitter is the future, that’s what we all know…everyday more and more companies join Twitter, interacting directly with their customers and painting their online product image, often dedicating certain employees to do that. Perhaps because automated Twitter Management tools are scarce and each cover one or two aspects of what you’d need to automatically manage your twitter account, and most lack the imagination to use twitter to its true potential. Recognizing this I decided to build my own Twitter Content Delivery Service (Twitter Marketeer) and see how it’d work for me.

Twitter Marketeer is a Social Networking Services that allows its users to reach and interact with followers on twitter with minimal manual effort. It uses Twitter as a medium rather than a service, for instance using Twitter for treasure hunt contests is not what Twitter was originally built for, however using Geo-Tagged Tweets Twitter Marketeer can manage treasure hunts, such treasure hunts can be used to promote certain locations or sell certain products, so what does Twitter Marketeer provide?

Twitter Marketeer

It provides what can be called Twitter Content Delivery/Management System, unlike you are normal internet Content Management Services (CMS) that can be used to publish content, this tool publishes content and then interact with followers based on simple clearly defined rules, at the end of the twitter is all about interaction rather than publishing, and this tool does that. Once you automate interaction you can do all sorts of interesting things such as:

Geo-caching contests:
Virtual Easter eggs hidden across town, and the winner is the person who tweets certain things from these locations, which enables you to stimulate interest in certain spots.

Trivia Contests:
Trivia questions tweeted with people answering them, the one who answers the biggest number of questions wins, these questions can be product/publication centric.

Mentions Campaign:
The person who mentions your account the most wins, allowing you to reach a much wider audience, (click here to see use case)

Location Based Tweets:
Whenever someone tweets from a vicinity of a certain place he receives a tweet with your message. (click here to see use case).

Location Based Tweeting Usecase

Keyword Tweeting:

Constantly searching for keywords, and tweeting back the person tweeting them.

Already this service is being used by several accounts some of them had a 4500% increase in followers count, another held a mention contest that potentially exposed its brand name to over 10,000 twitter users.

This account has increased in value from several Dollars to Several Hundred Dollars, through auto tweeting Ahmed Fouad Negm poems, currently it has its own cult of followers, and is re-tweeted all over, this account shows how you can use stock content and the basic auto tweeting functions to generate interest in an account, the account has been assessed to be worth $600 by

Twitter Value


One of our users, Identity Magazine was able to automate the entire twitter content management process, thus gaining around 160 man hour a month, using our campaign features they managed to reach 10k twitter users over 3 days, with an initial jump in followers count once they used TM. Identity Magazine use the auto-reply feature, guiding people who use certain keywords to their articles, they also used the auto follow feature, in which their account followed people who met certain criteria (Follow Back rate was around 50%).

If interested in using Twitter Marketeer services check our product page on facebook :).

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