Facebook as a CMS solution

I remember back in the 90s only companies that were off were able to afford having a website, all the rest either built one of those ugly HTML place holders, or just settled didn’t have a website, these days you’d hardly find a company without a foot print online, even the tiniest poorest company manages to find a way to be available online, Thanks to Facebook, people can now easily place and manage their content online, even the once cumbersome net 2.0 customer interaction features became easy, in a way I believe facebook transitioned from being a social website to a CMS solution. if you think about it, it provides most of the functionality you’d find in other CMS solutions such as Joomla or Drupal, its free and  highly resilient.

I don’t think I would be exaggeration when I say  that Facebook in a way is a parallel content delivery/interaction platform that ravels the internet, in fact its much more suitable for small companies than owning a normal website, the only thing it lacks now is a shopping cart functionality, which FB can add in a second.

I think that other CMS should follow suite and find a way to make their applications as easy to use and customize, both Drupal and Joomla are amazing and easy however too many options are included and in general its no where as easy as FB, Finally I think that during the next few years what we know as the internet is going to go obsolete, its going to become the infrastructure of something completely different, exactly like what happened to other technologies that the internet is built on top, gradually they took the backseat becoming a part of something much bigger.


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