Torrents Download at Work Attempt 2

I still wanted to download this certain product that was only available on the torrents network, and still proxy at work blocked that traffic, I tried before to use the EC2 machine as a staging server and failed miserably at it, this time I’m using it as a proxy, SSH tunneling here I come.

As it turns out port 22 is blocked as well so I’m forced to use a none standard port, however to make sure that the server still works, I’m configuring SSHD to listen on more than one port:) simply by adding another entry in the #Port part of the sshd_config file and restarting the server, i’m using some well known standard port; 53 which is the port used for DNS, I tested it and it worked. Now SSHD listens to both ports 53 and port 21.

The next step is Tunnelling the port through my EC2 server, I’ll start by tunnelling through to http, then I’m going to try torrents, because I suspect that Amazon have the Torrents port monitored/blocked. I fired up my reliable putty and created the tunnel, by going to the tunnel section and putting in a random IP, it should work however it didn’t with chrome and Internet Explorer, so i downloaded firefox to test with it, since its proxy configuration is separate from the system’s. For some reason that failed, even powering up a linux vm and using ssh -D 8080 user@host failed, perhaps the networks admins are smart enough to do serious packet sniffing or i’m missing something, i’m going to try this again later…this attempt failed.

As an after thought i attempted using fixed port mapping instead of dynamic, as in hard wire this port to another on the target machine, for some reason that actually worked.


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