Drupal…How can it be that good

Someone brought Drupal to my attention, I crossed paths with Drupal briefly back in 2005 but I didn’t really realize its potential back then. These days sharepoint is one of the buzz words, however I realized that Drupal is much more powerful when it comes to CMS, its power comes from its simplicity, so I decided to start using it, in the next few posts, i’ll be gradually using it in various projects, most probably using my domain name staturtweets.info.

Downloading it, it turns out its core is only 2.6 Mbs, which is NOTHING compared to the most minimal sharepoint installation…the forum is amazing, people are uploading projects i never imagined that someone already thought about, for instance tattler, a social networks aggregates, that harvests the internet for mentions of your company, most probably this is going to be my first project…


My next product would be a CMS for a magazine of sort, I think i already have someone who’d be interested in that. http://drupal.org/project/innovationnewsprofile


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