Download Torrents Using EC2

I was in this situation were the sources I needed were only found in the torrents cloud, and since my corporate blocks torrents port, I decided to use my EC2 machine instead, however I had to take several steps to make it work, first of all since i didn’t have access to GUI i had to find a torrents agent that would work from console. After a couple of attempts and 15 minutes later I had ctorrents installed, which works perfectly from command line.

The other issue i had was once i download the file how am i going to retrieve it, solving that included installing and configuring “proftpd” on the EC2 machine, once the file was downloaded i was going to download it using the innocent looking ftp port.

once everything was in place a simple

ctorrent -D 100 -U 10 -E 1.5 example.torrent
pulled in the torrent. 

🙂 simple straight forward and easy.

***conceptually it should have worked, however it didn’t i think that EC2 is blocking torrents, and they’d have every right to**8


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