Google IO 2011

Yesterday I attended one of Google IO conferences sessions and here are the highlights of this session, it was divided into two parts, the first part covered chrome/html5 and the web tomorrow, the second part covered the Chrome book.

Part I:

  1. Google announced that chrome now has 160 million users.
  2. Google show cased webGL a new 3D graphics engine that can allow you to render realtime 3D graphics in browser, improving 10x over what’s available in the market (flash).
  3. They demoed a CAD tool being run from within the browser, also they demoed a 3D game, which means games now can be streamed as a service.
  4. Google is trying to promote its app store, by setting a flat fee of 5% per sale (versus 30% in apple app store).
  5. They simplified in app charges (a major revenue source for developers) so easy it can be done in one line of code (something apple has so fall failed to do).
  6. They collaborated with Angry Birds company to provide the game in browser for free, a move that’s guaranteed to increase their user base greatly and introduce people into their webapps store.
  7. They discussed how the website of tomorrow will look totally different to what we have now days, its going to look more like something out of second life game, since now sites can be built in 3D rather than just 2D.
  8. Finally they demoed a Terminal application (similar to putty), being run within the browser.

Part II:

  1. They discussed how IT support costs most companies a lot of money to maintain and support the laptops they have, and how the Google book is going to solve that problem.
  2. Their laptops has No Rolling Green hills(in reference to xp background) which means there is no O/S everything takes place inside the browser.
  3. Laptop as a service, Chrome book, being provided at 28$ a month, which includes support HW/SW, this also includes a central dashboard through which you can control all the laptops registered to your company.
  4. Chrome book has two versions acer and Samsung, both have a battery life of 8hours, can boot in 8 seconds and stores everything in the cloud, so setting up a new laptop takes 5 minutes.
  5. The laptop runs a browser, no O/S that you can see, and the browser has everything you need, using cloud as a storage.
  6. They have several agreements with carriers in Europe and America to provide with a bundled internet connectivity with emphasis on pay as you go.
  7. PC as a service with everything stored on the cloud.

Google being the trendsetter it is I’m expecting several other companies to follow suite, going for a cloud computing approach for personal computing. This also indicates that Google decided to take over Adobe(Flash) and Apple (appstore/mac air), I’d expect both to take actions to make sure that they survive this. In my opinion Flash is dead, HTML5 is going to take the front seat of the current decade.


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