Salah Jahin

Having a few hours to kill I decided to build a small twitter bot thats going to recite Salah Jahin poems, Salah Jahin has always been one of my favourite poets hence I chose him to begin with, later on i’m going to include other poets, however for now i’m going to limit it to Salah Jahin

The nice thing about Salah Jahin is that his robaaiat are short and can be split into two tweets easily, so the steps were as follows:

1. getting the poems from a website, text format.

2. placing the poems, into a CSV file and importing it into mysql.

3. I built the application to be modular, so i can easily include other things i want to tweet based on a timer.

4. it has an infinite loop, every 30 minutes it goes in, selects a random poem, tweets the first half, waits 2.5 minutes then tweets the second half.

5. finally i placed it on my EC2 server.

I plan to later on include other poems, and have the application change its name and display photo as it starts with another poet, also i want it to find a way to gather followers, perhaps by following random people, i’m coming really close to building a spamming bot, however it all depends on how you use it right.

Today I was talking to a friend working in some publication and she asked if i can supply them with something that can help them with their magazine, I’m seriously considering building something just for them.

Feel free to check the bot:!/ana_salah


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