ThinkBack deployed over EC2

I came across this application online, this application uses thinkup database and AlchemyAPI  to generate something that resembles a word cloud with words colour coded according to category, installing it is as simple as unzipping the file into /var/www and modify the configuration file to reflect the user you need to display, all in all it takes around 15 minutes to set up and the result is more than spectacular.

I however faced a small issue along the way receiving the error message “Sorry, I couldn’t find your archives in ThinkUp. Please check your username in settings and try again.” at which point I went into index.php and hard coded the user name, instead of reading it from and that did the trick.¬† The fastest way to debug this is doing a # php index.php and read what the php spells out.

Feel free to try it

Thinkback screen shot

Thinkback Screenshot


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