Twitter Bot

Lately i’ve been fascinated by all the things you can do with twitter, so as you’ve seen over the last few entires I’ve been attempting projects that revolve around twitter, this week i’m going to build a small java application using the twitter4j API that searches for a certain query, and then replies to it with something that may or may not make any sense, in other words i’m building a bot, just like the one spamers use to bombard users with their messages.

Several decisions must be made along the way, first of all whether I have it reply to one tweet at a time, several tweets. Should I have it run as a service or should I run it as a single run app, coming to think of it i’m going to make it follow a certain person’s feed, and when ever that person tweets anything a random reply will be sent to him, this random reply will be queried from the database.


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