Installing Nagios on RHE5

Installing nagios on RHE5 proved to be more challenging that I believed, I tried following the steps as mentioned on the numerous sites online, however once i was done with the instructions i wasn’t able to start the service, and i wasn’t able to log in to nagios even from the same machine. as i was getting an error message stating that /nagios is inaccessible.

Trying to install it several times using the manual proved that we always completed the installation yet whenever we tried to check if nagios is up we are faced with the issue that its not there, the directory structure is created and httpd has the proper config files however the service is no where to be found

the solution was using EPEL and viola it was installed, but yet again we faced what appeared to be the same error, the nagios service was up and running however,  we weren’t able to access nagios

as it turns out, by default nagios configuration file in apache denies access to all, we modified that and it worked.


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