Installing Portal BRM on RHE 5

I’m assuming that you have a fresh RHE 5 installed on a 64bit VM machine / actual machine, I preferred using a VMWare player image since I wanted to be able to snapshot and role back whenever I wanted to.


Start by knowing what you have on, by typing command


this should yield all the portal products installed on your system, in this scenario I assume that nothing is installed on the system.


the next step should be installing Oracle DB 10g, reduce the SGA size to limit impact on your machine performance.


NLS_lang should be set to american_america.UTF8, if you didnt set correctly you’ll get an ORA12705 error.

Copy the sources to /temp


Create user pin


Start by running ThirdParty*.bin as pin


at this point you need to run it can be found under “/opt/portal/ThirdParty/


Make sure to export the java bin to path if not included in the .bashrc


The java home should be the one in the “/opt/portal/Thirdparty/Jre/1.5*


Install SNMP third party tool as mentioned in the official installation guide.


Source the file from thirdparty folder.



Create db user pin and grant it  resource/connect/DBMS_lock/create_session

run 7*Potal_Base_*_opt.bin to install portal base.


Use default ports

DM_Port 12950

CM_Port 11960


I chose to enable partitioning event files to make sure to get real life like system.


After installing it you have to run

source /opt/portal/7.3/


at which point I received an error stating that line 7 of code had an issue, just vi the file and add a space after the [ and it’ll work, this is due to the differences between bash and ksh.


settings can be found under /opt/portal/7.3/setup/pin_setup.values




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