Installing (Oracle) Portal BRM on RH5

I was reviewing my BRM course and wanted to install BRM server 3.7 on RH5, little did I knew that i was biting more than I could chew. I recall how easy it was to install it during the course but yet again that was in an Oracle lab on VMs prepared especially for installing BRM.

I started by downloading the server and installation instructions from oracle’s edelivery website, and I started up my basic RH5 with 10g and started following the instructions provided by oracle, at first it goes smoothly other than some environmental variables that needed exporting nothing was out of the ordinary, until you start getting all of these weird error messages stating that some of the components you just installed can’t be detected, and after spending 60 minutes investigating you realize that you’ve just installed one of the components using root instead of pin (the BRM owner) because the instructions doesn’t mention that you needed to switch to pin at that point, at this point you’ll have to either do alot of chowning or just reinstall these components.


then as you progress you realize that one of the setup scripts has a missing space right in one of the lines, that cause the script to fail, obviously no one bothered to try the script in advance on bash to test and see if it’d work.

Finally once you’ve completed all the instructions and you believe you’ve rounded the last corner and all you had to do is to run the pin_setup file to configure/link the components, you face the infamous can’t be found in @INC, this is basically a perl error stating that one of the libraries wasn’t loaded properly as the script compiled, a solution was to include the path of that library manually, however then you get a new behavior the script exits successfully and nothing happens, basically the script exits right after it starts.

I’ve spent 2 days so far trying to install it, and I’m starting to get really frustrated, i feel like i’m being punished for wanting to install the BRM server on my machine, the people who wrote these instructions really should review it, and make sure it works on RH5 which is becoming more and more popular.


Around a year later I was requested to install BRM on a production instance, hoping for the best and expecting the worst I started with the installation, more or less the same configuration, the key differences though were the usage of 11gR2 rather than 10G and Oracle Unbreakable Linux (OEL5.5) instead of plain RH5, and surprisingly the installation instructions worked like a charm, the entire installation process (sans the DB) took me around 3 or 4 hours, the lesson here is to always use OEL rather than spending your time chasing your tail to find all the packages you need. ah and that @INC issue was really a sourcing issue, a certain file had to be sourced and even copy pasted into .bashrc for the installation to work.


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