Open Source Ticketing System part 2

As mentioned in the previous post we had this problem trying to find a trouble ticket system that can be integrated with Siebel with minimum effort, this post will be about the open source ticking system settled on.

I started by setting up a basic VM image of the machine that’s going to be my trouble ticket system, aiming for a hassle free installation and a system that’s easy to administrate I went for Ubuntu server edition, I quickly installed the LAMP components in addition to phpMYadmin, and created several copies of this image that I’m going to use as a test bed.

I proceeded with testing the various open TT systems that i found here, I tested trellisDesk which was really good however didn’t meet our expectations, then I tested eTicket which has a clean and simple interface but again it was too simple, eventually settling on OSTicket having all the features I needed and more importantly a simple enough database that can be updated directly without going through the app.

The next step would be setting up a service to monitor Siebel orders and inserting tickets into osticket database directly whenever one is found in the system, also I’m planing to turn this service into an Amazon EC2 image, since I need a DMZ for the other vendors to be able to access the tickets, so most probably I’m going to host it on EC2 and then open the mysql port on that machine and my firewall.


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