Open Source Ticketing System part 1

A new policy was agreed upon in my company, the policy states that Siebel should have zero incomplete orders at any point of time, regardless if a trouble ticket existed for that order or not, in other words our team was required to query Siebel for incomplete orders and proactively fix them without having a trouble ticket, which meant when an incident that required reassignment to another team is encountered nothing more than an email is sent to the responsible team, informing them that they should handle the following ticket.

This is one of the situations where management would make a decision that appears to make sense from the managerial point of view however when it comes to implementation, it causes more problems than it solves, soon enough these problems started showing, mainly in ability to track incidents, total lack of accountability and the inability to produce SLA reports.

The only solution we had is integrating our ticketing system with Siebel, however since we didn’t own the ticketing system as we only bought the service we weren’t able to automate the trouble ticket opening, the second alternative was finding an open source ticketing system that we can host and integrate with Siebel, this entry and the next few entries will be about that.


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