SOA Suite Log Rotation

Being a second line we aren’t really supposed to worry about such things, however and due to the fact that housekeeping is our task and that our beloved third line decided to refrain from helping us, we were told that we have to come up with a log rotation/cleanup policy on our own. I know that this is risky and will involve a lot of work, However I was rather happy hearing that its our task. Designing a deletion/backup policy is something usually done by consultants or architects, and getting to do this at my level of experience and skills should be interesting and beneficial to my skill level and my career as a whole.

I started by checking online for best practice or similar experiences, and I came across this, , which was more than perfect, this included exactly how to limit the size of the kept logs to a certain size, however it involved modification of some configuration parameters which we aren’t really allowed to do (being second line and all).

My next approach was locating the location of the log files for each domain which was perfectly mentioned in this document .

My next step will be finding the ESB/ Weblogic log files location and then I’ll start working on a script that zips and archives/deletes them.

Stay tuned more updates to come


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